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Generals still winless at home
Grrrowl 4, Generals 3
Special to the News & Record - November 21, 2001

Vlad Serov
The General's Vlad Serov celebrates his sixth goal with teammate Brian Loney. The goal gave Greensboro a short-lived 1-0 lead before losing the game 4-3. Photo by Joseph Rodriguez - News & Record.

GREENSBORO - Not even trying to make it feel like a road game helped the Greensboro Generals at home Tuesday night, as they suffered their sixth straight home loss, 4-3 to the Greenville Grrrowl.

The Generals were picked up by bus for their pre-game meal and picked up by bus to be taken to the game, but changing the routine did not change the final outcome once the puck was dropped.

"It was a good idea if it worked, but it didn't," Generals' center Brian Loney said. "You lose a game on the ice."

The Generals chances of winning weren't helped by the absence of leading scorer Chris Brassard. Brassard has been nursing a strained abdominal muscle and after playing three straight games during the weekend, needed a night off.

"When he plays three games in three nights it takes him a day-and-a-half to two days to rest," coach Graeme Townshend said. "He could have possibly skated on a power play, but it's not worth risking further injury."

The Greensboro Generals ' Rob Sandrock moves the puck against the Greenville Grrrowl's Roger Trudeau. Photo by Joesph Rodriguez - News & Record

The Generals missed Brassard's blue collar attitude on offense. At one point early in the third period, Greensboro had only 14 shots on goal.

The Grrrowl also went into the game missing not one, but two players. Both Martin Masa and David Kaczowka were suspended after incidents in a 5-3 loss to the Generals Saturday night. Masa was the team's second-leading scorer entering the game with 13 points.

The Generals took the early lead when Vlad Serov collected his own rebound and scored to make it 1-0 with 13:47 left in the first period.

The lead would be short lived as the Grrrowl scored on a power-play opportunity with 8:29 left in the first period.

Greenville took the lead in the second period when Roger Trudeau scored off a rebound from Craig Minard's shot with 6:49 left in the session.

The Grrrowl took a two-goal lead in the third period on Steve Rymsha's goal.

The Generals got more aggressive at that point. After a shot by Craig Stahl was stopped, Serov gathered the rebound and made a backhanded flip that caught the Garner off guard and cut the lead to 3-2 with 14:56 to play.

Again, the lead did not last long as Greenville scored on a power play with 9:03 to play to make it 4-2. After the goal, a frustrated Loney broke his stick on the goal post.

Stahl scored a late goal when he skated around the back of the net and stuffed the puck between the post and the goalie to cut the lead to 4-3 with 5:01 to play. The Generals had a power play for the final 1:51 of the game, but failed to get off a legitimate shot off.

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