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Second period sinks Generals
Stingrays 7, Generals 4
Staff reports
Greensboro News & Record - March 13, 2002

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. - Greensboro took a 3-1 lead but couldn't hold it as the South Carolina Stingrays scored six goals in the second period — four unanswered — to beat the Generals 7-4 Tuesday night in an ECHL game at the North Charleston Coliseum.

Adam Calder and Brett Marietti scored two goals apiece for the Stingrays.

The Generals were down early in the first period, but tied the game with a goal from Jeff Bes, who scored with the puck lying on the Stingrays goal line.

Three minutes later, the Generals took the lead at 2-1, scoring off a put-back by Andre Lupandin.

The second period is when things got wild.

James Desmarais scored to give Greensboro a 3-1 lead.

But then the fatigued Generals went to sleep.

South Carolina scored three unanswered goals in less than five minutes to go ahead 4-3.

Just like that, the tables had turned.

But all was not lost. The Generals did manage to tie the game on a put-back from Alex Matvichuk.

The Generals new life didn't last.

The Stingrays answered right back after Matvichuk's goal, scoring three straight goals.

In all there were eight goals in the second period, six by the Stingrays.

Both teams failed to score in the third period.

Though the Generals did manage to get 15 shots on goal In the third period, none went in. And penalties hurt their desperate attempt at a comeback.

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