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Playoffs slipping away
ESP Magazine - January 16, 2002
D. K. Williams

The Generals have the 28th best record in the East Coast Hockey League. The league has 29 teams.

When the season started, new coach Graeme Townshend brought a lot of optimism to the team. The optimism is gone. The cold reality of a 13-21-4 record leaves no room for optimism.

For the third straight year, there will be no playoffs for the Generals. The team will disperse across North America and Europe on April Fool's Day. The final game of the year is March 31 against the Charlotte Checkers in Winston-Salem. It will have no impact on the Generals' April plans.

The team has thirty-four games remaining. The only thing left to be determined is how the players, and coaches, will handle the futility of playing out the string.

The professionals will continue to play hard. Townshend has the toughest job a coach can have. He must keep the team from quitting. The playoff hunt is over, but the quest for respect never ends.

On April first, this team will not only be judged by its poor record, but on its effort and class. They can still come out on top on the last two.


The Generals went 0-4 last week. On Tuesday, January 8, the team fell to the Grrrowl in Greenville, South Carolina, 5-4.

Friday, they fell to the Lynx in Augusta, Georgia, 4-2.

Saturday, the team played in front of the biggest home crowd of the year. Buoyed by a post-game Sister Hazel concert and $7 tickets for college students, nigh on 7000 saw the Generals get blasted by the Wheeling Nailers, 4-1.

Sunday afternoon, the misery continued in Winston-Salem, as the Trenton Titans beat the Gens 2-1.


They'd have no luck at all.

Both goalies for the Generals on the shelf. On January 10, Bujar Amidovski was moved from the 7-day to the 30-day injured list after sustaining back injuries in a car wreck.

Frederic Henry was put on the 7-day injured list January 10 after suffering an injury in the January 8 game against Greenville.

Jason Genik was signed to tend the nets in their absence. Bill Horn is the emergency backup, which means he can not play unless Genik gets hurt.

Dennis Maxwell, recently acquired in a trade, was counted on to provide leadership and scoring for the Generals. He broke his hand against the Grrrowl and is on the 30-day list.


The Generals hit the road to lick their wounds this week. Wednesday, January 16, the team is in Reading, Pennsylvania, to take on the 18-18-4 Royals. On Friday and Saturday, the Gens play the 25-9-7 Titans on back to back nights in Trenton.

The Generals will try to “Pack the House” on February 2 against the Richmond Renegades. Tickets are $5 for groups over 25, and $3 for groups over 500. Call 218-5428 or tickets.

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