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GENERAL musings
D.K. Williams

The ECHL fancies itself a developmental league. For that reason, teams may only carry four players that qualify as "veterans." The rule reads:

Each team can carry a maximum of 20 players of which up to four may be veteran players. A 'veteran' is defined as an individual who has played 240 regular season games of professional hockey. Games played for the Olympic or National Hockey Team of any country do not count as professional games, and will not be applicable towards the 240 professional games played needed to be classified as a veteran. All professional North American leagues, past and present, will apply toward games played for veteran status.

Greensboro's four veterans are Sal Manganaro, Brian Loney, Chris Mackenzie and Ryan Kummu.

Jason Robinson has been named the Generals' captain this year. Kelly Smart and Sean Peet will be the assistant captains. In a preseason press conference, former captain and current player-coach Sal Manganaro “passed the torch” to Robinson.

"I am really impressed with how quickly these guys have gelled," Coach T said at the October 10 Booster Club meeting at Parmesan's Restaurant.
"We recruit good people. That is the most important thing aside from the skill level. We have a real good group of people and they are gelling rather quickly.
"When you talk to Jason [Robinson] and Sal [Manganaro] they'll make comments about how this is the best group of guys they have been around, and how camp is different between this year and last year and the attitude. You can feel it.
"Our goal is the Kelly Cup. We are not just trying to make the playoffs or be competitive. That is not just coming from me. It is coming from the guys on the hockey team.
"Chris Mackenzie has won several championships. He said to me that this is the best team he has been on, that he has ever played on. That's now, that's without guys like Ryan [Kummu] being here, that's without even seeing [Vlad] Serov play.
"If this kid [Serov] doesn't score 50 goals this year, I will be very, very disappointed. A lot of you don't know the other leagues, but any guy that scores a goal a game in those other leagues is going to get 50 in this league. He is not going to get 70 in this league, but he'll get 50.
"There was only one 50-goal scorer in this league last year, and he is not in this league anymore.” Andrew Williamson of the Toledo Storm lit the lamp 52 times last year. He is playing this season in Europe.
"Mackenzie is a dominant player. You will see him, literally, with three guys on his back, carrying them all over the ice, and he'll pass the puck to a guy on the backdoor who will put the puck into a wide open net.
"I have seen that for four years, and I am really happy to be seeing it in [my team's] jersey. He is the best player at this level. You won't find a better player than him at this level."


"I hope we don't gel too quickly,” Townshed said at the same Booster Club meeting days prior to the regular season opener on the road at Augusta.
"There is only one way to go when you start off so well. I want to start off well, but we have to gel in February, that is when we really have to hit our peak. I was kind of worried we might gel too early. I don't want that to happen. It is kind of a weird predicament to be in."
The predicament was avoided as the Generals fell 4-2 in Augusta and 4-2 in Charlotte the next night. There is plenty of time to gel in February.

The Generals have a new web hosting and design company this year. The website has a new look and the same old problems.
Too much flash. Not enough information.
After two regular season games, the "Current News" headline is the Generals final preseason game.
The "Latest News" section deals with training camp personnel.
The "Statistics" section says "look for the stats as soon as the upcoming season begins." Well, it has and no matter how hard you look, the stats are unseen.
Under the "Team," the viewer is invited to "look for the team roster as soon as the upcoming season begins…." We are still looking.
The site still touts a "Season Ticket Special" that ended September 30.
The "Merchandise" section proclaims that it, too, is "coming soon…".
The site has little information, but many elllipses.

From the Augusta Chronicle:
ON THE AIR: The Lynx debuted their new weekly TV show last week on Comcast cable Channel 4. The show will air every Thursday at 7 p.m. this season. The first ''Behind the Bench" show with Burton will air Monday at 7 p.m. on WRXR-FM 96.3. The show will be broadcast live from Sports Pub and Grill on Ellis Street.
There is no reason the Generals could not have a similar program, but perhaps they should get the website working first.

This site is owned and maintained by Don Moore , who is not affiliated with the Greensboro Generals, Greensboro Professional Sports, LLC, or the Greensboro Prowlers - probably with the exception that I can be a pain from time to time.