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2003 - 2004


Game Day Program Graphic
November 21, 2003
ECHL Game # 213
Home Game # 9
Referee: Brian Thul
Linesmen: Todd Owen, John O'Brien

  • Defensemen Kevin Grimes is tied for first place, along with three others, for 18 Minor Penalty minutes.
  • Ironman netminder Daniel Berthiaume ranks first in the ECHL amongst goaltenders with 747 minutes played. Berthiaume remains second amongst ECHL goaltenders with eight wins, and saves (346) trailing only Marc Magliarditi of Las Vegas in with nine wins and 373 saves.
  • Rookie Tom Reimann continues to impress, as he ranks 11th among his fellow rookie scorers, with four goals and five assists, amassing nine points. Reimann also ranks fifth in shots (42), among the newcomers to the ECHL.
  • Defensemen Kurt Drummond and Geno Parrish, constants for Coach Adduono, rank amongst the best for their position in the ECI-IL. Drummond currently stands tied at fourth with three goals and nine assists, while Parrish is tied for seventh with a goal and 10 assists, scoring 11 points.


Q: Having scored a goal in the NHL, in 1999-00, and played seventeen games for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Describe the feelings that went through your mind, from playing hockey so young to scoring on its grandest stage.?
A: "When I scored that goal (vs. Olie Kolzig, Washington Capitals), I was ecstatic and really shocked. The other Tampa players said I acted as though I scored 50 goals, because I didn't know how to react. It was a great feeling and a great accomplishment, and my career is still young, so hopefully I will have the opportunity to do it again."

Q: What aspect of your game have you worked on the most in the minor leagues that will allow you to get back to the NHL?
A: "Defense. I think I have offensive talent, but I need to work on focusing on my zone before I can move back up. Coach Adduono is really helping me out by showing me a few aspects to work on."

Q: Describe the major differences both on and off the ice between the NHL, IHL, and ECHL.
A: "Everything is top notch in the NHL including travel and on ice activities. The NHL is the best league in the world and it contains all of the best players. But I like playing on the east coast. Playing in the ECHL is what I have to do at the moment to improve my game, and I am ecstatic to be here with the Generals who have given me a second chance."

Q: You have played in the expansion Tampa Bay franchise, and now you come to Greensboro, another city in the southeast that is a big hockey town. The growth of hockey in these areas is much different from what you are accustomed, growing up in Michigan, where hockey is bigger. Describe the biggest differences that you have experienced.
A: "Weather is a big difference. In Michigan the weather is always gloomy and it's always snowing. The weather down here is great; I have nothing to complain about. I also like that the fans here are willing to learn about the game. Hockey is a newer sport in the Southeast, and my team members and I are so glad that fans come out to support us. It's nice to have fans around that know the actualities of the game. It means a lot to us."

Q: What have you learned from Coach Adduono the most this far?
A: "He is a very honest coach. He approaches problems directly and makes sure all of his players are on the same page. I think his success is due to the fact that he has created a tight knit group. It's not about what individuals due during a game; it's about what you do as a team. Adduono keeps structure throughout the season and it's awesome to be a part of this group. It's awesome to watch the team work together. His coaching has obviously earned him his position within this league."

"Coaches Corner": The Greensboro Generals have announced Head Coach/General Manager Rick Adduono will appear on the "Our Town" radio show (WGOS 1070-AM) each Monday afternoon beginning October 13. The half-hour "Coaches Corner" will air each Monday at 1:00 PM throughout the season.