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2003 - 2004


Game Day Program Graphic
November 27, 2003
ECHL Game # 247
Home Game #12
Referee: Jamie Koharski
Linesmen: Jason Finlev, Jason Steen
National Anthem: Sherri Vestal


Q: How pleased are you with the play of the team, especially as of late?
A: Anytime that you can put a string of three home wins together and not buckle at home, while at the same time play solid hockey, with everyone contributing and battling through the obstacles, you have to be satisfied. We had six goals against us when we played Roanoke, but that is no factor to me because when you win, you win, and that is the bottom line.

Q: Have you placed more focus on the match-up with the Everblades more than other games, seeing that they are in first place? As a coach I realize that you look at the inter-divisional games with a greater importance.
A: You always look at divisional games with greater importance all the time. You try not to reflect on it too much, but at the same time I think that it is important that the team knows when the divisional opponents are on the horizon. That way, as a coach, you can get every last ounce of energy out of them. I worry about the games on a game-by-game basis, and I take it one game at a time.

Q: In the ECHL maintaining a winning record at home is essential. A five-game stretch of home games early on in the season, combined with the success we have had, what kind of tone has this set for later in the season?
A: I think that we are building an aura and an identity for ourselves here at home. Even more important we have to continue to do that on the road as well. Once you build that identity at home, then other teams know that Greensboro is a tough place to come in and win. The key to winning at home is corning out with a flare every night, banging people, not taking penalties, being disciplined, and firing quality shots at the opposition's net on every occasion. Most important, as a team, knowing that you are going to be good defensively, then you are going to have a great opportunity to win. Not too often is it going to happen, but it is nice when opposing teams come in and fold the tent in the third-period, all because of your style of play at home.

Q: Looking at play of individuals, how pleased are you with the play both offensively and defensively production of Geno Parrish?
A: My vision of each player is what I see in practice everyday and what I see in the games. Offensive production wise, all I care about are his wins and losses. Geno Parrish, I know what he brings to the table so I really don't worry about him, because he wants to play every game and he practices hard every day. My only concern of Geno is making sure that he gets enough rest, and that he can always, always, always be at the top of his game. He has been ever since he has been in Greensboro, he is a great all around player, no matter what he does. He is the type of player that could have no goals and no assists, and still be a quality player

Q: What other players would you like to elaborate on, in terms of their play as of late?
A: Well I think that I could elaborate on almost everyone. Everyone has played a part in their own small way. Right now Matt Elich was a big factor coming in here, he added a lot to this hockey team, including speed, size, and physical presence. He added a tremendous amount to this team and that is something I think that we need at that point. It is exactly what I try to get across to the team, for the players that don't get much ice time, given the opportunity to step up, they were not doing so and Matt Elich stepped right in and did a job. I am very pleased with the way that Andreyev is being a very physical presence out there for us. Defensively we are just beginning to gel together, which hopefully we'll even be better. I am very pleased with all aspects of the game right now. I also realize that our penalty kill has to be much better, but as long as we are winning games that is all that counts.

"Coaches Corner": The Greensboro Generals have announced Head Coach/General Manager Rick Adduono will appear on the "Our Town" radio show (WGOS 1070-AM) each Monday afternoon beginning October 13. The half-hour "Coaches Corner" will air each Monday at 1:00 PM throughout the season.