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April 29, 2004

Jersey Auction Update

I am sorry to all the fans for the delay in my e-mail. Unfortunately, I my grandmother passed away in her sleep Monday morning, and I have been with my family for the services.

Here is an updated copy of the Generals jersey auction bids. Please note that Ryan Bonni's jersey is now up for bidding as well, so if you are not in the leading bids for a jersey that you desired, you can shift your bid amount for the Bonni jersey. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a player that has appeared in the AHL for a majority of the season. The auction will end on Saturday, May 1st at 7:00 p.m.


Matt Elich $375
Geno Parrish $700
Randy Perry $450
Ryan Bonni None
Derek Crimin $150
Alex Andreyev $700
Mike Bayrack $175
Sam Ftorek $200
Kevin Grimes $160
Bryson Busniuk $200
Dave LoPresti $151
Mark Turner $1,250
Kurt Drummond $175
Joe Gerbe $185
Matt Chandler $1,500
Pete Gardiner $200
Daniel Berthiaume DONATED
Jamie Hodson $250
Joel Irwin $175
Matt Turek $185
Eric Fortier $170

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