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April 9, 2004

Generals jersey auction

Just wanted to let the fans know of the highest bids for the Greensboro Generals jersey auction. The auction is going to last until May 1st. I am currently working on making a link to bid on the jersey's via In that time, if there is a jersey that you would like to place a bid on please do the following in an e-mail.

Send your name, along with address, and send the bid to

Please keep in mind that the jerseys available via the Generals organization are the red jerseys, not white.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Matt Elich $350.00
Geno Parrish $150.00
Randy Perry $450.00
Derek Crimin $150.00
Alex Andreyev $700.00
Mike Bayrack $165.00
Kevin Grimes $150.00
Bryson Busniuk $200.00
Dave LoPresti $150.00
Mark Turner $1,250.00
Kurt Drummond $175.00
Joe Gerbe None
Matt Chandler $175.00
Pete Gardiner $150.00
Daniel Berthiaume Not Available
Jamie Hodson $250.00
Joel Irwin $150.00
Matt Turek $160.00
Eric Fortier $160.00

Jon Cole
Media Relations Director
Greensboro Generals
(336) 373-7402 (office)