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April 18, 2004

Letters To The Editor

Hockey has loyal following in Triad

So, you do not want the city of Greensboro running the local hockey team? Fine. As in any other business, don't criticize what is going on without coming up with a better alternative.

The only long-term tenants in any venue are sports teams. What sport are you going to choose? Indoor football, indoor soccer, women's semi-pro basketball, men's semi-pro basketball? All have been at least attempted (some teams never made it to the playing field) and all have failed, with the exception of hockey.

Hockey has the most loyal following in the Triad. When higher-revenue-producing concerts have been booked at the coliseum and the date conflicts with a hockey game, the hockey game was rescheduled. Rescheduling a league game is not easy, but it is being done.

Why don't the residents of Greensboro get out and see what their tax money is being spent on? If you think hockey is only a fight in which a game breaks out every t now and then, you need to think outside the box. You obviously c have not seen a game since Coach Rick Adduono brought a winning product to Greensboro. Yes, you will see the occasional fight, but it t will definitely be a by-product of the game, not a main attraction.

Support your local sports before you no longer have the option.

Amanda Jessup