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The Greater Greensboro Observer
March 31, 2004

GENERAL-LY SPEAKING with... Matt Elich
Greensboro Generals
Right Wing

Q: What would someone from Greensboro find interesting about your hometown of Grosse Pointe, Michigan?
A: There's a movie named after Grosse Pointe (Groose Pointe Blank). We have beautiful water and great school systems. It's a lot similar to Greensboro.

Q: Did you see the movie "Miracle"?
A: No, I have not yet. I have a high expectation when it comes to hockey movies and I don't want to be let down. That was a pivotal point in our history, but I'll get around to it.

Q: You've played in the NHL. What's the biggest difference between the ECHL and the NHL?
A: The decision-making in the NHL is a lot quicker. I wouldn't necessarily say the skill level is better, but it's the thought process. Instead of having a five-second cushion to make a decision, you maybe have a two-and-a-half second or three-second choice out there.

Q: You are the ECHL commissioner, what is your first act?
A: Consistency in officiating. From my experience with the league this year, there's some close-call games where the right calls are made and sometimes they're not.

Q: If not for hockey, what would you be doing?
A: I would probably be in school. I'm interested in real estate and culinary school. I was raised by a chef when I was young and he taught me some skills in the kitchen that maybe I could pursue.

Q: What's your most embarrassing hockey moment?
A: My second time called up to the NHL we were doing skating drills and I was coming around the net and I stepped on a puck. I fell down and went back first into the boards and made a huge thud right in front of the media. The whole practice stopped and everyone started clapping their sticks.

ECHL Playoffs. Team/dates to be determined.

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