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Live From Jack Astor's
Jack Astor's
February 10, 2003

David King
Arley Johnson interviews Generals Ticket Sales Guru - David King

ECHL Rulebook
Arley looks at the ECHL Rulebook with Generals Coach Rick Adduono

Mark Turner
Arley interviews Mark Turner

Arley, Mark and Rick
Arley, Mark and Rick talk about Road Trips on the Team Bus

The Greensboro Generals Coach's Show is held every Monday during Hockey Season at Jack Astor's Bar & Grill on High Point Road. The restaurant has set up their Music System to allow the Coach's Show to be heard throughout the restaurant (note the Stick Mike that Arley is holding in the pictures below).

In addition to getting Up-To-Date Information from Coach Adduono, there is often a Player Interview. Questions can be asked LIVE during the show OR CALLED into WPET-AM at (336) 275-9738 - the show is carried live on WPET-AM and on the Internet throught WPET's Internet Services.

Persons attending the Show get a 20% Discount on Food Items. (You must sit in the Coach's Show area and tell your server you are there for the Coach's Show.)

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