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March 3, 2003 - Roanoke - First Round NE Division Playoffs

Rod Aldoff
Rod Aldoff blocks on defense.

Shane Campbell
Shane Campbell gets the face-off puck.

Geno Parish
Geno Parish setting up the offense.

David Whitworth
David Whitworth after a face off.

Geno Parish
Geno Parish blocks out an Express player.

David Whitworth
David Whitworth works to un-ice the puck.

Shane Campbell
Shane Campbell moving into position.

Score Second Period
Celebration After a Score in the Second Period.

Mark Turner
Mark Turner looks to check a player.

Alex Andreyev
Alex Andreyev with a little fighting action.

David Whitworth
David Whitworth on defense.

Daniel Berthiaume
Daniel Berthiaume skates with his son after winning a Star of the Game.

Mike Bayrack
Mike Bayrack on the ice for a Star of the Game.

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