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Links of Interest For Generals Fans

    WEBSITES - The Modern Method of Following Your Favorite Sport
  • The Greensboro Generals - the Official Site
  • Generals Booster Club - the folks who makes the players lives here in Greensboro more like home.
  • Greensboro Hockey Museum - A History of Ice Hockey in Greensboro.
  • Generals Message Board - A part of the Greensboro Hockey Museum, this is the place to discuss the Generals. Some topics require a touch of salt.
  • The Generals Barracks - a fansite run by Shayne Beauchamp.
  • The Generals Ice Girls - learn more about the Girls Behind The Team
  • DMOZ - The Mother of All Links for the ECHL.
  • East Coast Hockey League - Official Site of the League
  • Sports On Film - Home of the Generals Official Team Photographer - Brian Wterholt
  • Hockey Database - Ralph Slate's Slate-A-Base, the ultimate database of hockey players and teams. Want to know where a player came from, how he did, it all here and more.

    MAILING LISTS - Discussions via E-Mail
  • Generals Booster Club Mailing List - stay up to date on what is going on with the Booster Club.
  • Generals Mailing List - a mailing list specifically for Generals Fans.
  • ECHL Mailing List - This is the newer of the two fan based mailing lists for the ECHL. Founded before the 1998 Season, this group has over 700 members. E-Mails are available individually or as a daily digest. It is moderated by Mark Helotie of Richmond, so behave, he can and will remove offensive members.
  • ECHL Mailing List - This is the ORGINAL ECHL MAILING list. It is run by Derrick J. Brashear of Carnegie Mellon University. Please UNDERSTAND that there is not a Web-Interface to this E-Mail List. You subscribe to one address and unsubscribe to another address, you post to a third address. This list got extremely ugly a few years back, since it is not moderated. Today, it is as civil as it was in the early years.

    USENET - The old way of communicating over the Internet, still in use today.
  • USENET - Before the World Wide Web and Mailing Lists, there was the USENET. Unlike the Web and Mailing Lists, the Usenet is extremely searchable, courtesy of sites like Google . ECHL Postings from the early days of the league can still be found there.

If we missed any, please E-Mail the Webmaster .

This site is owned and maintained by Don Moore , who is not affiliated with the Greensboro Generals, Greensboro Professional Sports, LLC, or the Greensboro Prowlers - probably with the exception that I can be a pain from time to time.